Growth Hormone Treatment for Adults By Dr Thierry Hertoghe MD (236 page book)



Growth hormone is the key to a powerful adult life—to unleashing leadership, performance, confidence, inner peace, and brilliant insights. It also ensures energy and prevents exhaustion, and it appears to be associated with a longer life and reduced risks of disease. If you start reading Growth hormone treatment for adults, you won’t stop reading it. Find out how crucially important growth hormone is for adults to remain healthy and physically young.

Discover the practical information on growth hormone treatment for adults, covering benefits, safety, signs and symptoms of deficiency, lab tests, natural boosters, and how to solve treatment issues. The book answers many questions from patients and physicians. Its updated scientific evidence is substantial, also showing scientifically why patients with low-normal levels of growth hormone activity should be treated.

236 pages


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In this exciting book, Dr Hertoghe explains all you need to know to treat growth hormone-deficient adults efficiently and safely.

236 pages


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